You should never compromise on security, user experience and ease of management. We provide an agentless approach to all web traffic security without causing any undue disruption. 

Red Access has created a new
way to browse securely

Zero-day protection

Prevention of zero-days ensuring that malware don’t execute on the endpoint:

  • Prevent modern threats in browsing, files, identity and data
  • Combined cloud & endpoint inspection

One-click deployment

Agentless architecture enabling quick deployment & management:

  • No need to keep updating the browsers in the wake of a zero-days
  • Elimination of the patch gap that comes with the use of agent-based applications

Agnostic to all platforms

Supports hybrid and SaaS environments:

  • Secure all browsers and web applications
  • Protection across all devices and OS
  • Enables full control & visibility on devices and assets

Seamless user experience

“Bring Your Own Browser” (BYOB) experience:

  • Seamless integration with all web applications and browsers
  • No agent or add-on installation is required
  • Zero latency

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What market leaders say

The proliferation of web apps and devices, and the adoption of digital platforms in the workplace have fundamentally changed the steps enterprises must take to protect their employees, assets, and devices against today’s browser-based cyber threats.

Hence a new approach to browsing security is required. Red Access is ushering in the next generation of secure browsing solutions with the first session-based, agentless security platform, capable of securing any browser.

Red Access Testimonial - Al Ghous

Al Ghous


Web browsing has become the modern gateway to the digital world. Employees need a solution to securely use all their web applications from any device on any browser, without compromising user experience. Red Access is that solution, the first SaaS-based platform to protect web browsing from cyber threats on any browser & any in-app while ensuring frictionless user experience and maintainability.

Red Access - Jacob

Jacob Katz

Former CIO, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd

Security should fit the way employees work. Employees shouldn’t have to adapt their work habits to stay secure. Red Access provides a security platform that runs behind the scenes, completely seamlessly, enabling employees to continue to work securely without changing any of their habits.

Red Access - Jeff Trudeau

Jeff Trudeau

CISO, Chime

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